AVC 100 Automatic Vehicle Classification for Traffic Measurement Networks



The AVC 100 is a modular traffic flow measurement and vehicle counting and classification system that facilitates collection, analysis, storage and transmission of traffic data.

AVC-Automatic Vehicle Classifier

  • Counting and Classification of vehicles
  • Speed classification separately for trucks and cars
  • Vehicle length classification
  • Gap classification in meters or seconds
  • Occupancy
  • Speed and traffic flow analysis for incident warning (optional)

Roadside Processor System

  • Modular 19" rack system with 8 or 20 bit CPU boards
  • Various interface boards and measurement data collection boards for the signal acquisition of induction loops, piezo axle sensors, microwave sensors and environmental sensors
  • Integrated power supply, adaptable to different power sources
  • Network capability
  • Robust system design, large temperature range
  • With optional upgrade, system can be converted to WIM


  • Data Collection (traffic statistic)
  • Traffic flow measurement
  • Automatic incident detection
  • Traffic jam warning systems
  • Overspeedcontrol and warming systems
  • Tunnel control and information systems
  • Vehicle type control system for toll stations

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